Coming around

Yearning to grow up in young years, only to want to be a child later. Yearning for being given space to now making space for someone else. Being a nagging child to shushing the nagging of your own. Splurging the teenage years with an abandon, to now saving every penny. Worrying about lines on the... Continue Reading →

One Bapu. Another Baapa!

    A couple years ago especially before the 2014 elections if your last name was Gandhi, there was a certain reverence to it. People would ask if there was some connection with Bapu, or if we had ancestors who were related to him. I would calmly answer no, wishing if there were, how constantly... Continue Reading →

Mumbai’s new lifeline

"Aaj coupon apply kiya kya, 50% off milega", "Bhaiyya aapko booking aya, kitna time lagega?", "I'm coming in 15 mins, traffic me hun, but I'll be there for the meeting!" In a room full of people anywhere in Mumbai, at around 6 when most offices close down, the running for "meri 6.37 ki fast local"... Continue Reading →

Being young again!

Its 2019 which is the official 35th year of my existence. So technically its the new mid-life considering most of us might just be able to crawl until 70 years until we find the new magic potion. With every passing age, one starts valuing little things more. Little breaks, little ascents and little dreams coming... Continue Reading →

Moonlit Date

Every day before I doze off, I try to get a peek of the sky however rummaged it looks from the pollution and crazy storms that we serve ourselves. Its just a way for me to feel that its going to be okay. That we will have a morning. But more so because I love... Continue Reading →

Religion 2.0

I'm a big fan of Ganpati, I worship him walking every Tuesday to Siddhivinayak temple. It feels so great. You haven't seen LalbaugchaRaja? You are a Maharashtrian you must be having big festivities for Ganapati right? Every year I get to hear these things and with increasing alarmity. I am a fan of the Gods... Continue Reading →

Su-Mangal Mission!

"Har samasya ka hal NASA¬† karenge to hum SatyaNASA ho jayenge". The girl next to me almost fell off the seat and I could finally wrap my head around the Mangal subtext of this mission before me. Well the plot and the line up of this movie is quite a huge high in itself. India's... Continue Reading →

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