Exxxtra Curricular Activities

As we go about this blog, and with more ranting coming in every few days, you'll know that I am what we call a base level Mom. Well there are levels, and if you are unaware then what you live around is a rock. So being a late bloomer that I am, I'm now part... Continue Reading →


Vilayati Dreams – 1

So I admit, I am one of the millions who is crazy about the US of A. Not clinically but maybe a little bit more. Some of it is also thanks to my parents who are big fans themselves. I guess it probably comes from the fact that we're all  perhaps looking to break out.... Continue Reading →

Break in a break #randomPost

So its been awfully long since my last post and clearly I haven't learnt my blogging lessons enough. But hey this time I was actually busy investing time in writing and learning some new things. So first up was an internship that I did at Women's Web. It was a great opportunity to get published... Continue Reading →

Happy Something-new year

  New Year and the entire hoopla around it has become overrated. Or at least in my head. The whole routine about resolutions, the new year's eve, counting the holidays in the next year, imagining how old one would be, and all else has become simply overrated. Its really the next day, and yet everyone's... Continue Reading →


So I have my #StillAlice moments every few days. I have to keep reminding myself about my life, revisit an entire span of 35 years lest I get caught in a mundane routine life. Why you ask, well all this happens when you have time.  I have because I'm on what they say respectfully -... Continue Reading →

Co Working @HarkatStudios

So just a little anecdote about co-working. The late bloomer that I am, I discovered only now that co-working is pretty big in Mumbai right now with several options to work from an office setting, especially if you're setting out to be a freelancer like I am. Situated in the quaint little Aram Nagar (Part... Continue Reading →

Blue Towel

There it lay in its cupboard, alone but strong, not to be dumped under a pile of clothes. It had its own place in the cupboard. No one could move it, no one could crease it and no one dared to, too. It was deep dark blue in color and character and its texture was... Continue Reading →

Stories in a song

With half the world or rather most of it, constantly being glued to phones, when an opportunity shows up to detox from the constant bombarding of information, I lap up like a mad cow. I spent a gorgeous Sunday evening soaking the environment at Prithvi Theatre, its ambiance, the hustle bustle of people, the excitement... Continue Reading →

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