A Rumtastic Legend!

#MyFriendAlexa #swapnawrites At the stroke of midnight, well I wrote my post # 4. Hope you enjoy!


Moonlit Date

Every day before I doze off, I try to get a peek of the sky however rummaged it looks from the pollution and crazy storms that we serve ourselves. Its just a way for me to feel that its going to be okay. That we will have a morning. But more so because I love... Continue Reading →

Religion 2.0

I'm a big fan of Ganpati, I worship him walking every Tuesday to Siddhivinayak temple. It feels so great. You haven't seen LalbaugchaRaja? You are a Maharashtrian you must be having big festivities for Ganapati right? Every year I get to hear these things and with increasing alarmity. I am a fan of the Gods... Continue Reading →

Su-Mangal Mission!

"Har samasya ka hal NASA  karenge to hum SatyaNASA ho jayenge". The girl next to me almost fell off the seat and I could finally wrap my head around the Mangal subtext of this mission before me. Well the plot and the line up of this movie is quite a huge high in itself. India's... Continue Reading →

Vilayati Dreams – 1

So I admit, I am one of the millions who is crazy about the US of A. Not clinically but maybe a little bit more. Some of it is also thanks to my parents who are big fans themselves. I guess it probably comes from the fact that we're all  perhaps looking to break out.... Continue Reading →

Break in a break #randomPost

So its been awfully long since my last post and clearly I haven't learnt my blogging lessons enough. But hey this time I was actually busy investing time in writing and learning some new things. So first up was an internship that I did at Women's Web. It was a great opportunity to get published... Continue Reading →

Happy Something-new year

  New Year and the entire hoopla around it has become overrated. Or at least in my head. The whole routine about resolutions, the new year's eve, counting the holidays in the next year, imagining how old one would be, and all else has become simply overrated. Its really the next day, and yet everyone's... Continue Reading →

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