Okay so I am a movie buff and not the trivia kinds, the kind that thinks there’s always a camera on me filming the story of my life. Although most are mundane things, whenever there is drama in my life, I jump at the opportunity to have a montage of my moments splash somewhere on screen and there will be my movie.

To shuru se shuru karte hai !

Naam – Swapna Deshpande – ab – Gandhi

I have been a lazy rebel all my life at least the last 33 years since I am awkward at confronting and obsessed with pleasing people. I am a software engineer on certificate, well not exactly but all telecom and other faculty engineers end up in software firms and so did I. For most of my growing up years and even through this renewed adulthood and motherhood, I have been harboring a dream to be a performer, a writer, a free willing bird. But the rebel in me did not awaken at the right time when these decisions were to be made and I became an engineer, software developer, wife and a mother in that order. Not to say that the above things aren’t fun, they are when you look back at them many years later, but the heart always knows deep inside.

Anyways I am now slowly rising to the occasion, raising a toast to my procrastination, and giving myself another chance. To speed up, to run and eventually fly.

We are growing in number almost to the point that the planet might explode someday and so instead of looking for an actual nest , I am hoping that I can have my secure place in the virtual world. Kyunki suna hai waha bahut jagah hai, cloud me.

So through this blog I am setting up mere jamure ka khel, gathering my audience and milke hum baithenge yaar, duniya ki udaane!!